Our education projects

The Telenet Heartware project

7917, so many laptops have already been requested by organisations helping underprivileged families. This shows the need for projects like the Heartware project that we are developing together with Telenet. In the project, we collect old laptops, refurbish them, equip them with the necessary software before we make them available to organisations that can use them to help children and families. For instance, it can help someone find a job, a school child can take lessons online or a family can be connected to the outside world.

To date, 3,479 laptops have already been distributed in 40 cities and towns in which we have helped 101 local organisations. We make your hardware, therefore really HEARTware.

Families and businesses with fewer than 10 laptops available can visit numerous collection points: EuroSys, JBC, Reset circuit shops, Standard Bookstore, Telenet. We are very grateful to these companies for willingly making their retail outlets and offices available.
So would you like to donate a laptop? Then check out here How best to donate your laptop. Spread the love and tell friends and acquaintances about this heartwarming project.