Make of
your hardware

Make your hardware heartware

No doubt your company too has laptops that are no longer being used.
And they can do even more than you think.

Like helping someone get a job, letting a child take online classes or connecting a family to the outside world.
Together with Telenet and TD Synnex, we'll make sure your old laptop gets a new lease of life.
With people who could use it badly.

To this end, we work with municipalities, schools and poverty organisations across Belgium who know which families and children need our support the most.

This is how you too become a heartware donor

Do you have a laptop lying around that you no longer use?

You can help with recent* and still working laptops gathering dust in your closet.

Make your old laptop donor-ready

Take a backup of valuable files. Erasing your hard disk is allowed, but not necessary. We erase them anyway, according to the highest security standards.

Fill in the details using this form

As soon as we receive the document from you, we will get in touch to discuss how to proceed.
A wiki certificate can also be provided for each usable device if required.

Thank you for joining us in building a warmer Belgium.

The following companies have gone before you:

Every laptop counts ! The important thing is that the laptops are still usable.

Some conditions can be found below:

  • The device still boots up
  • The wifi works
  • There is an Azerty keyboard
  • The webcam works
  • The keyboard and screen are undamaged
  • The exterior of the device contains no major breaks or cracks
  • Min. i3 processor or similar