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Some testimonials

What is self-evident for one family is a blessing for another
This support means a lot to our target group.

Thanks ! Local government De Panne

Wijs vzw is grateful that they received 6 laptops for children living in precarious families.
As a result, these students can now also do their schoolwork and access their workbooks online at home.

On the Children's campus in Houthalen-Helchteren a dactylokamp was organised for the first time for the benefit of the children of the Meulenberg district. Thanks to Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium, the children were able to take the laptop home after the camp to continue practising.

Thank you so much for the brilliant laptops.
The students of VIBO, Old Turhnout

Thank you very much again. I cannot thank you enough !!!


See us gloating! How happy we are to have laptops for our group. We now have the opportunity to learn so much! We can look everything up and learn a lot from videos shown by our teachers. Reading and writing are still a bit difficult, but through Word you can dictate a text which is then written out automatically. That is a big help for us.
Thank you!

Saint Elizabeth Secondary Education.

Many thanks to Filet Divers in Antwerp.

Some partners

We cannot help children without the help of our Heartware donors.
Below you can find the partners who have given their still usable laptops a new second life.