Every child has a right to nutrition

A balanced meal is necessary to get through the day. This is true for everyone, especially children and young people. Yet such a meal is not evident for everyone. Both in Belgium and abroad, there are children who have to go through the day hungry.

And let nutrition be fundamental to children's growth, health and concentration.


Nutrition is a basic need. Yet, unfortunately, it is not there for everyone. We want to ensure that every child goes to school without hunger. A full meal is necessary for proper physical and mental development. That is why we want to offer every underprivileged child at least 1 full meal a day.

For this, we work with our partner Brood(box)nodig. In 2021, they started a pilot project in 10 Ghent schools. Today, they are already active in Bruges, Vilvoorde, Leuven and Roeselare.

Together, we already support 7 schools in Sint Truiden, accounting for 2201 pupils. And from there, we let our cooperation expand further so that we can help as many children as possible.


Trees have the power to support communities, improve lives and restore the climate of our planet. Trees For The Future is an organisation we are partnering with for a development project in Senegal.

With your financial support, we plant trees and train local farmers to give them the knowledge to make crops successful. So they, their families and the rest of their village can enjoy better harvests. These not only provide food but also income for the families in the village.

Since 2018, we have already drastically changed the lives of 3259 people. This by ensuring they are fed 3 times a day instead of once every 2 days.

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