Equal (digital) opportunities for all

For children and the further development of adults, education is fundamental. In a lot of countries, education is reserved only for a small minority. This is fortunately different in our country. But even though in Belgium we have compulsory education for young people up to the age of 18, not everyone gets the same opportunities in our country either. That is what we want to do something about with Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium. So we are active both at home and abroad.

Education for children at home

Turn your hardware into heartware

Digital tools are becoming increasingly central to our lives. Our schools need to respond accordingly. And they are doing just that. Laptops are conquering more and more classrooms. This is good news. But for some families, buying a laptop is not a given. The need for laptops for underprivileged families has never been higher. Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium therefore wants to collect, refurbish and distribute used laptops so that everyone can join in the digital gear.

Tot op heden zijn er al 4.129 laptops uitgedeeld in 67 steden en gemeenten waarbij we 125 lokale organisaties geholpen hebben. Wij maken van jouw hardware, dus echt HEARTware.

If you donate a used laptop, you will make a family in your neighbourhood very happy with it. Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium provides not only a refurbished laptop, but also the necessary software, a computer mouse and carrying case. Ready to learn!

Families helped

Digital acceleration is not standing still abroad either

African refugees learn to work with a computer

We also do our bit abroad. We are currently supporting the Kakuma project in Kenya founded by Koen Timmers, one of the members of Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium. 5 years ago, he sent a laptop with a device that could provide an internet connection to the refugee camp in Kakuma. That way he could teach the refugees online to the children in the camp. Today, the project has 420 teachers from 75 countries. They all teach free lessons in, for example, maths, science or English.

Our projects

Heartware Telenet

Together with Telenet, we launched the Heartware project. With the slogan "Turn your hardware into Heartware", we call on companies and families to donate laptops. Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium will erase the device and make the laptop tiptop again. This will give it a new life with a family that desperately needs this laptop. The impact we make together is huge. In 2021, we could also count on financial support from the federal government for this project.

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Collection points

What can you do?

We can really help families.
For that, however, we need funding and working laptops.
You choose how you can help.

Financial support

Your company, too, can help. If companies help us, each according to their own ability, together we can make our society better for everyone. Because together, we can make a substantial difference.

Also laptops

Companies and institutions, even more so than families, regularly have perfectly working laptops that are still being replaced. Your old devices can be given a new, valuable life.

The activities and operations of Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium contribute to achieving 7 of the 17 Social Development Goals (SDGs)