Become heartware donor

Make your hardware heartware

No doubt your company too has laptops that are no longer being used.
And they can do even more than you think.
Like helping someone get a job, letting a child take online classes or connecting a family to the outside world.
Together, we make sure your old laptop gets a new lease of life.
With people who could use it badly.

TD SYNNEX sets its sights on the Heartware project.
A collaboration of Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium and Telenet.
By 2022, we were already making more than 3700 families happy.
We have more than 9,000 applications on today and more are added every day.

We more than need your help !
During the week of 12 December and 16 January TD SYNNEX will come and collect your still working laptops.

Our goal is to inspire all entrepreneurs in Belgium so that, together, we can create 5000 laptops
be able to collect by the end of January 2023. 
You will receive a Heartware donor label from us that you will proudly
can share on your website or other media channels. 

Families helped

How can you help?

Do you have a laptop lying around that you no longer use?

You can help with recent* and still working laptops gathering dust in your closet.

Make your old laptop donor-ready

Take a backup of valuable files. Erasing your hard disk is allowed, but not necessary. We erase them anyway, according to the highest security standards.

Fill in the details using this form

Don't currently have laptops to donate, but would like to become a Heartware donor in the future?
Notify us and fill this FORM In.

Meet some of our Heartware donor companies:

Every laptop counts ! The important thing is that the laptops are still usable.

Some conditions can be found below:

  • The device still boots up
  • The wifi works
  • There is an Azerty keyboard
  • The webcam works
  • The keyboard and screen are undamaged
  • The exterior of the device contains no major breaks or cracks