Zoubida, Chief Customer Officer at Officenter: "When Brood(box)nodig was introduced to us, we did not hesitate and immediately went for a partnership!"

Zoubida is director of customer relations at Officenter. A socially committed company that has already supported several charities. In 2023, they chose to partner with Entrepreneurs For a Warm Belgium to support the Bread (box) Needs project. Zoubida is happy to tell more about their philosophy behind this.

 "As director of customer relations, I want to create a nice environment for our customers. After all, they can rent offices, meeting rooms or even storage spaces from us. Meanwhile, we already have 15 branches all over Flanders! At the place they rent, they can then also have a bite to eat or network with other customers. And all in pleasant surroundings. After all, customer satisfaction and well-being is our biggest driver."


Partnership for Bread (box) needed

"When the project Bread (box) needed was proposed to us, we did not hesitate for long. In fact, we immediately thought of a partnership, rather than a mere sponsorship. Especially when you know that as many as 40% of children are sent to school with an empty lunch box. And that with €300 you can already fill the lunch box of one or more children for a whole school year!"


Warm up employees and customers

"Officenter is a truly socially committed company. We immediately thought about how we could share our collaboration with OVWB and the Bread (Box) Needed initiative in our network. That started with an article in our Officenter magazine that all entrepreneurs and employees at our branches receive. There we clearly explained what we were going to do."

"Meanwhile, we also organise meet-and-greets: afterwork drinks that take place every month where we explain the project. We also organise knowledge lunches where we give a presentation on the project. This is completely free for our employees and customers. So we do everything we can to get all entrepreneurs excited about contributing and to fill as many breadboxes as possible."


The power of entrepreneurs

"We don't come into direct contact with underprivileged people ourselves, but we hear a lot about it. We came into contact with Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium because they work with other entrepreneurs on the basis of entrepreneurship. And since that is our target group - after all, we have several businesses here under one roof - it seemed to us an ideal opportunity to mean something in the context of opportunity poverty."

Do you also want to help build a warmer Belgium?

Financial support

Your company, too, can help. If companies help us, each according to their own ability, together we can make our society better for everyone. Because together, we can make a substantial difference.

Also laptops

Companies and institutions, even more so than families, regularly have perfectly working laptops that are still being replaced. Your old devices can be given a new, valuable life.