Emily, IT Services Engineer at Bank van Breda: "By donating laptops, we kill two birds with one stone: we help people get ahead, as well as extend the life of used material".

Bank of Breda donated used laptops a while back which we used to help as many as 150 children and families. Junior IT Services Engineer Emily explains why being a Heartware donor is so important to them.


Warm heart of the IT department

"Bank Van Breda is originally a family business. So corporate social responsibility is nothing new to us. We try to be mindful of the environment in which we operate at all times, and this is certainly not limited to the sustainability officer or human resources function. We encourage all colleagues to be open to the world around us and how we can have a positive impact."

"A while back, colleagues in our IT department spontaneously took the initiative to find out what could be done with perfectly usable laptop equipment that had been written off for the bank. By donating laptops and equipment, we kill two birds with one stone: we help people get ahead with it ánd we extend the life of used equipment."


No words for the punishing result

"We collected as many as 150 devices and donated them to the Heartware-project. When we saw the photos of the children with our recycled laptops afterwards, we were at our wit's end. No words are needed to see how happy they are with this."

"As wealth advisers, we realise all too well that we and most of our clients are in a privileged situation. If we can do something in this way for those less fortunate in society, we are happy to do so! Especially since the partnership with Entrepreneurs For a Warm Belgium represents for us the perfect coherence of Ecology, Social Responsibility and Good Governance. A great example of what ESG policy stands for."


Sustained commitment from the 'Happy Team'

"As an organisation, we find that this kind of initiative brings people together and is inspiring. That future perspective is heartening!"

"Within Bank Van Breda, we regularly think about well-being, cooperation and talent development. We have been committed to being a 'Best Place to Work' for years, but we are well aware that this can never be isolated from the environment in which our people live and work. Interaction with our environment and the contacts colleagues already have today are at the forefront of this. Within the bank's Happy Team, we regularly discuss projects through which we can realise and strengthen that connection. This is how we help build a warmer Belgium together."

Do you also want to help build a warmer Belgium?

Financial support

Your company, too, can help. If companies help us, each according to their own ability, together we can make our society better for everyone. Because together, we can make a substantial difference.

Also laptops

Companies and institutions, even more so than families, regularly have perfectly working laptops that are still being replaced. Your old devices can be given a new, valuable life.