Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium

Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium is an organisation of entrepreneurs that works with entrepreneurs to give people, especially children, equal opportunities to develop themselves. Both at home and abroad.

We currently focus our efforts on three areas of work: education, nutrition and culture. In these, we select projects that we support with financial and/or logistical resources.

We want to inspire other entrepreneurs to do their bit and help build a warmer Belgium.

Find out how many children we have already been able to help here: 

Mark Lens

speaking out

"In 2020, I left the day-to-day management of my IT company, which I founded more than 30 years ago, to others. I would like to use the time this freed me up to fight poverty. Together with fellow entrepreneurs, I founded the non-profit organisation Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium. Our association wants to tackle poverty, both in Belgium and abroad. We base this on three pillars: education, food and culture. "

Charlotte D'halewin

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"At the end of 2019, I decided to sell my business. After 6 months working in Peru in a small school for underprivileged children, I knew which path I wanted to take. Now I commit myself 100% as operational manager at Entrepreneurs for a warm Belgium. Giving something beautiful back to our society and building a warmer Belgium together gives entrepreneurship an extra dimension."

Maxime Kenis

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"It is with great pride that I dedicate myself to Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium because I believe in equal opportunities for all, especially for children and young people. The focus on education, nutrition and culture is very important to me because it forms the basis for healthy development and fulfilment. I am happy to be part of this beautiful project and contribute to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Let's work together to create equal opportunities and ensure that no one is left behind."

Yannick Derudder

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"I have always looked for a job that I can do with passion. Something I do because I love doing it, not because I have to.And that is exactly why I am so honoured to now be able to commit to OVWB full-time.That means I can get involved in companies, projects, organisations, people in which I can totally find my core values (pure, honest, grateful & respectful)and from which, in my environment and at my scale, I can contribute with you to make a positive impact on the lives of others."

Who we are

Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium is a non-profit organisation with a Board of Directors and a team of active members composed of entrepreneurs. They are selflessly committed to giving underprivileged families a chance for a better future.

Jan Coninx

Everyone sees social inequality. In a positive society, however, everyone should have equal opportunities.

Ann Claes

With OVWB, together with a fine group of entrepreneurs, I want to ensure that as many (young) children as possible can seize opportunities.

Eline Grouwels

From my role in the Education working group, I like to contribute. Raising interest in new technologies among young talent - creating a promising (learning) environment. In this way, I can also give something back to society.

Ellen Maris

Working together with other entrepreneurs to give heart to people who really need it is heartwarming for all involved. I am happy to put my shoulders to the wheel!

Martine Tempels

Giving back to society is an essential part of my current time commitment and I would like to use OVWB to help those who are struggling on their way to a better future.

Semaha Marangoz

It is great to see how many entrepreneurs pool their expertise and knowledge to create projects for children, young people and families who could use a boost. "Real progress leaves no one behind".

Sandra Wauters

Together with Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium, I am happy to volunteer to realise projects that have a positive impact on vulnerable children and families.

Koen Timmers

With Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium, I am happy to commit to bringing quality education to the most vulnerable in our society

Stijn Coninx

Doing something together, sharing and giving other people opportunities is very important to me. That way, life becomes a little more pleasant for everyone.

Peter Claes

Helping someone you know out of need is something you do without a second thought. But being able, together with other entrepreneurs, to help children, and adults, who you don't know personally and who are facing challenges so big you can't even imagine them, that's what I do it for.

Eric Ignoul

Since I mainly move among entrepreneurs, I have a unique opportunity and feel good about guiding entrepreneurs towards OVWB's social objectives. 

Jonas Coenen

"In our rapidly changing digital world, it is our shared responsibility to be vigilant and prevent the digital divide from deepening."

Patrick Hermans

Patrick Steenssens

In the education group, I work with very cool people so that together we can ensure that every child has a fair chance of digital development. 

Philip Boden

Having to observe time and again that many children hardly get any opportunities in our society hurts. That is what I, together with my dear colleagues at OVWB, want to work on.