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Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium is an organisation, of entrepreneurs working with entrepreneurs to ensure that people have equal opportunities to develop themselves. In doing so, we pay particular attention to children's development opportunities. Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium is active at home but also abroad.

What we do

Not everyone gets equal opportunities to develop themselves. Help is therefore needed in very many areas. To maximise our impact and not disperse our efforts, Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium has chosen 3 areas where we want to help make a difference.


Equal (digital) opportunities for all

Education plays a fundamental role in human development. Of children, but also in the further development of adults. But everything, including our education, is becoming increasingly digital. And therefore also more expensive. As a result, the threshold to good education for an ever-increasing number of families is rocketing. Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium wants to help close that digital divide. In our country, but also abroad.


No one goes to school hungry

Eating well and healthy is a basic need. As long as it is not fulfilled, there is little or no room in our minds for development and self-development. Yet a lot of children still go to class hungry every day. Also in our country. And we really want to do something about that with Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium. We also do so both in our country and beyond.


Cultural opportunities for young and old

Our development does not stop in the classroom. In fact, it only begins there. Coming into contact with the ideas, views and dreams of others is equally important. That is culture. Fortunately, it is very widely developed in our society. It's just that not everyone has access to it in the same way. A working group within Entrepreneurs for a Warm Belgium is currently investigating how to make culture available to all.

What can you do?

To help as many people as possible, we need your help. You can help by donating funds. For our education project, we are also always looking for laptops that are still working.

Financial support

Your company, too, can help. If companies help us, each according to their own ability, together we can make our society better for everyone. Because together, we can make a substantial difference.

Also laptops

Companies and institutions, even more so than families, regularly have perfectly working laptops that are still being replaced. Your old devices can be given a new, valuable life.